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    Simple app for those who wants to go
    and those who wants to lift someone
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    Run the app, get a ride
    Available anywhere and anytime
    Safer rides, safer environment
    A ride you can trust

Start riding

Passengers can quickly find drivers who give them a lift, and drivers - their appropriate passengers.


Run the app, get a ride

Simply login with Facebook or Google+, choose your destination and passenger or driver. No commission charges.


Available anywhere and anytime

You can ride right now or plan for tomorrow.



Rides cost 25% less than average. Passengers pay directly to the drivers by cash, credit/debit card, bitcoin etc.


Reliable and friendly support

You can always contact us regarding any trouble. For your safety we develop an Alarm Button in the App. The community ensures your safety.


Simple app for those who needs a ride and those who would rather give a cast. The app allows drivers choosing from a number of orders, and passengers – bargaining on prices directly with the drivers.

  • Anywhere in the world where Internet is accessible

    The app is overcoming the territorial limitations. You and your friends can use the service in your town or abroad.

  • Start right away

    Make joint rides and create own closed-user groups, which improves safety and enables consolidation of friends, colleagues and neighbors into a community.

  • Share economy in force

    Safely and at a low price, perform joint rides. The fare is based on true market conditions and regulated entirely by passengers’ demands and drivers’ proposals.

Our Strong Points Ipad
  • Unique safety measures

    Alarm button generates alert messages for all service users within a radius of 2 km. Choose a companion within your community – the app shows common contacts between passengers and drivers.

  • A ride you can trust

    All drivers and passengers have personal ratings created by the community. You can trust this opinion.

  • Manage your rides

    Preliminary ordering along with current ordering allows you plan your ride and supports comfortable time management.

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